Why LittleLamb?

It’s simple really, there are not many genuinely family owned and operated businesses out there, let alone ones who have tried and tested all their products on their own 6 babies. When we say that we make the best priced, quality nappies and that we offer the friendliest and most wonderful customer service, we really do mean it. 

Why LittleLamb?
Using reusable nappies will save you heaps of money and will massively reduce your little one's carbon footprint.

Saving money
If you trundle down to your local supermarket and pick up single-use disposable nappies with your shopping you probably will not realise the cost over two and a half years.

NHS Paediatricians suggest that newborns' nappies should be changed 10-12 times a day and older babies about six times, ending with just one nappy being used at night-time. So, just assuming an average of seven changes a day over the nappy wearing career of your baby, you will use about 6300 nappies. In the UK the average branded nappy costs over 18p.

That’s over £1100 just for nappies for each baby.

If you calculate the cost of a birth to potty kit and add the laundering costs (detergent, electricity, water, wear and tear of washing) of £125 over your baby's nappy career and compare to using disposables full-time you save around 50%. If you’re planning more children in the future using Littlelamb nappies will then save you over £950 a baby as you only have the laundry costs. And then you can sell them on Ebay and recoupe a part of your outlay.

Saving the environment
LittleLamb nappies will help to preserve the environment for your baby’s future by not clogging up land fill with over one tonne of disgusting stinking pathogen-leaching disposable nappies.

With the onset of fortnightly refuse collections do you really want over 100 dirty nappies hanging around in summer? You've got a hectic life and maybe you don't always remember to put out the bin bags on collection day.


It is not just your immediate surroundings that are affected. Take a look at the bigger picture.

Over 7 million trees are chopped down each year to produce disposable nappies for the UK alone. OK - the trees are grown as a crop but wouldn't it be nice to grow food there instead? Or regenerate a native forest instead?

Reusable nappies use 3.5 times less energy, 8 times less non-renewable materials and 90 times less renewable resources than “disposables.”

Ethically made.
All LittleLamb nappies are made in a family run factory in Turkey and are brought into the UK by road freight to ensure that we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, giving you peace of mind. Also, we computer-cut our nappy patterns to minimise wastage but we are still left with about 10% waste material but as we manufacture in an area with periphery trades all the wastage is recycled, usually into stuffed toys.

We have to compromise on certain aspects of the production though. We don't use local Turkish elastic any more. We import all our elastic from a technical manufacturer in America and now get twice the lifespan.

We're a family run business.
LittleLamb is a family run business. Nick and I deal with the manufacturing and the website while Vicky and Shell run the warehouse in Ammanford, Wales. Nick and I have six kids and have used washable nappies on all of them (saving over 39000 disposables from landfill).

We have struggled with wrigglers, wondered at the different shapes of our babies and have sometimes been truly amazed at what we have found in a nappy! (Lots of sand and a pebble the day after a beach trip if you're interested)

We started with terry squares and watched the cost of modern washable nappies rise as they went 'trendy'. For a while washable nappies were aspirational so we think we have brought them back down to Earth and put the common sense back. We make nappies with the most robust components for the job and we have a discount structure where you can save up to 40% by buying the larger kits. A £9 nappy in a kit can cost as little as £4.50 - which is why Ebayers buy kits and make money by splitting them up.

Let's face it - washable nappies are not rocket science. You buy a nappy to contain the poo and absorb the wee. If it doesn't do either effectively it has failed as a nappy. We try and test all kinds of nappies to see what's good and what's not. There is a multitude of 'fashion' nappies that look so cute but to be honest - many are ineffective on absorption. What's the point of using it if it doesn't work?

We produce a necessity product with exceptional quality and sell them at a sensible price. We deliver kits straight to your door containing all the bits and pieces that you need. No need to hunt down a lidded bucket or find wraps that fit. And remember - the bigger the kit the bigger the saving.

All our components are tested and certified. We only use Oeko-tex100 certified bamboo yarn and GOTS organic cotton yarn. We don't dye our nappies into pretty colours as it restricts absorption. We do dye the wraps but you can be assured we exceed current EU 'ReACH' regulations on dyestuffs.

All the component parts of our nappies, wraps and boosters are Oeko-tex certified for use in full contact with baby's skin for prolonged periods of time.