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Our kits were created to make switching to washables easy. Our Liners perfectly fit the nappy, the nappy perfectly fits the wrap and the wrap perfectly fits your baby. To make it risk free we are the only nappy company to offer a money back guarantee on our best selling 20 nappy kits.

Bamboo Complete Nappy Kit

Our best selling kit with all you need to start using washables delivered to your door. Use Bamboo for super absorbency. The money back guarantee kits come in three sizes.

Cotton Complete Nappy Kit

After almost two decades of making this little gem our cotton nappy kit is a robust all rounder. Easy to wash and dry complete with our amazing  money back guarantee.

Microfibre Complete Nappy Kit

When drying time and space is a problem to overcome the Microfibre nappy steps up. Super easy to wash and amazingly fast to dry. Great for apartment living. 

Lets tread lightly on the Earth together

Love using this washable nappy kit for 6 weeks or return them for your money back. 

Help Us Stop The Waste And Try Our Washable Alternatives

Washable Bamboo Wipes

Perfect for using on both babe and yourself. Stop buying throw away wipes and make your own with our essential oils recipe. Its easier than you think and you wont look back. 

Make your babies vests last longer

Fed up of baby's vest getting too small? Use this nifty device to extend the life by making the vest longer. 

Washable Fleecy Liners

These fluffy little beauties fit in between babe and nappy catching any poo so you can take disposable liners off the weekly shopping list knowing you have a long lasting Earth friendly alternative. 

We believe that we should cut out as much plastic waste as we possibly can in our lives. This is why we made these.

Littlelamb Bamboo Breast Pads In Two Colours and Two Sizes

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