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Littlelamb bamboo breast pads are slim, absorbent and breathable as well as wonderfully soft against your skin making them the discrete yet healthy choice for nursing mums. They come in two colours and two sizes so you can match them to your size and underwear for the ultimate in comfort and style. Because they are reusable you will find that you not only save money, you never run out. 

These discrete yet reliable nursing pads are useful because they absorb the released milkpreventing it from leaking through your shirt and causing embarrassing damp circles around your nipples. They are essential for all nursing mums. We sell them in packs of 10 ( 5 pairs )  in a convenient little mesh laundry bag to prevent them going astray in the wash.

Why do I need breast pads?

In the final weeks of pregnancy and the early days of nursing, your body is preparing and perfecting the process of making sufficient milk to feed your baby. Before your body (and your baby) have settled into a solid feeding schedule, your breasts will release milk at unexpected times and without warning (source).

Even after your body’s milk production has regulated and the let-downs subside, leaks and surprises can still occur for the duration of the time you nurse. This is because let-downs are triggered by more than just a physical need - emotional situations can trigger them as well. Simply hearing a baby cry or feeling nostalgic for a snuggle can trigger a spray of milk.

Also, because breastmilk contains a fair amount of fat to help nourish your baby, it can cause grease stains on your clothes. Breast pads not only keep your leaks from being visible to the world, but they also protect your clothing so that they don’t get stained.

How to use your reusable breast pads.

* Always wash and rinse four or five times before using your breast pads to remove all loose fibres. Keep them in your laundry bag and wash on a 40-degree wash or hand wash with a gentle non-bleaching detergent. Regardless of your washing method, please avoid all fabric softeners as fabric softener can impact absorbency.

* Do not wash your breast pads with dirty nappies. In fact, do not wash any clothing with dirty nappies that could have contact with baby's mouth.

* Because reusable breast pads are designed to hold moisture, sometimes it can be difficult to make sure they are completely dry before using them. But because bacteria can grow in moist environments, make sure your breast pad is completely dry. Reshaping your breast pad whilst still damp will help maintain its smooth appearance. 

* Make sure your nipple is dry before applying a clean pad. If your nipples are irritated, apply nipple cream or prior to applying your breast pad.

* Position your breast pad in the cup of your bra; because it lacks adhesive like many disposable options you need to just make sure it is securely wedged between your breast and your bra. Ideally, it will be centred on your nipple.

* If you need, adjust your breast pad as much as you are able. Reusable breast pads tend to be thicker than disposable; if they are visible through your clothes and you prefer to be more discreet, choosing a padded or thicker bra will help keep them hidden.

* When your breast pad gets wet, remove it. If you are away from home, place it in a small wet bag. When you return home, remove them from the bag so they do not sit in the moist environment any longer than they need to.

What is my breast pad made from?

Each pad is made from two layers of woven Oeko-tex certified bamboo fibre, with one layer having an internally bonded waterproof backing.  They reach maximum absorption after about a dozen washes. 

What size do I need?
Two sizes are available 11 and 13cm but the vast majority of customers are happy with the 11cm size. Being woven in an organic natural fibre they do shrink about 5%.

How many breast pads will I need?

We sell our breast pads in packs of 10 ( 5 pairs ) and that should be enough but many of our customers buy 2 packs so they always have a fresh dry pad to use. 


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Washing Instructions

Care for your nappies by following these easy steps.

  1. remove any solids from dirty nappy
  2. Close any velcro tabs
  3. Put them in a dry pail with lid as there is no need to soak them
  4. Wash them with a gentle non-biological washing powder on a full cycle using 1/2 recommended amount of washing powder. Note -DO NOT ADD BLEACHING AGENTS OR FABRIC SOFTENER
  5. Hang out to dry in direct sunshine or near (but not touching ) a direct heat.
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