Size 1 Pocket Nappy - Pack of 3

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Big Sky
Hazy Sun
Green Apple
Blue Moon

Product Details

LitteLamb Sized Pocket nappies are perfectly fitting nappies made from a stretchy outer and a super-absorbent bamboo insert.

The outer is double gusseted for ultimate leak prevention and has gentle elastic to avoid compression marks on baby's delicate skin. The wee is drawn through the microfibre lining into the bamboo insert - keeping baby feeling dry. 

The insert is woven from pure Oeko-tex certified bamboo and is three times as absorbent than our standard towelling bamboo booster (because it's three times the yarn content).

The insert is folded twice and placed into the pocket of the outer. Having a two-part system speeds up drying time. In days of yore the insert was sewn in place but they would take an absolute age to dry.

We take your baby's health very seriously.

LittleLamb pocket nappies are tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-tex100 class 1, which is intended for textiles that come into intensive and prolonged contact with baby's skin.

All LittleLamb nappies and accessories exceed all current and planned EU regulations on textiles and dyestuffs.

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