Sized Pocket Birth-to-Potty Kit

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Possibly the ultimate Birth-to-Potty Pocket Nappy Kit on the market today. 

Our Pocket nappy is slim, stretchy and fast to dry. It is made in a combination of high performance fabrics, microfibre to keep moisture away from the skin, bamboo to ensure maximum absorbency, and the softest polycotton designed to let the garment breath. The popers are all tried and tested before they leave our workshop and the elastic is robust yet gentle on the skin.The only negative comments we receive about these nappies is that they don't come in colours -yet!

This pocket birth-to-potty nappy kit has everything you need for using washable nappies with your baby and saves you £74.50 compared to buying the items separately.

Take a look at what you get 

  • 15 Shaped pocket nappies Size 1
  • 15 Shaped pocket nappies Size 2
  • 30 Bamboo Inserts
  • Roll of flushable liners
  • T-Tree Oil
  • Bucket

This kit contains 15 size 1 nappies which fit from around 9lbs-20lbs 

15 size 2 nappies to fit your baby from around 20lbs-35lbs 

Size 3 nappies will fit your baby from around 35lbs+ and are rarely needed

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