20 Economy Onesize Pocket Nappy Kit


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This Economy Nappy Kit contains all you need to start using washable nappies in one box and buying this 20 nappy kit will save you 25% compared to buying the items separately. 

We are so sure about the performance of our nappy kits that if after six weeks of using them you decide that they don't fit with your lifestyle just launder everything and return it to us and we will refund the full purchase price.

This kit contains...

  • 20 x One-Size pocket nappies (each nappy comes complete with two bamboo boosters.
  • 1 x roll of paper nappy liners. 
  • 1 lidded nappy pail
  • 1 mesh laundry bag
  • Instructions and advice

We created this easy to use and care for kit so it is available at a great price. The nappies come in lovely colours that wash beautifully time after time. Our one-sized pocket nappies are not only better value to purchase than our other nappies, they actually grow with your baby due to the clever design with the poppers and the stretchy fabric. This means you only have to buy your nappies in this one-size option.  We have even thought how to make them absorbent enough as your baby grows bigger so our one-size pocket nappies come with two super absorbent bamboo boosters rather the one microfibre that is more commonly offered by other companies. However, we do find that if you want to use this nappy as an overnight nappy when your baby is older, you may find that you need another bamboo booster in the nappy.

The soft lining that sits next to baby’s skin is a super-soft microfleece that draws away moisture to the bamboo boosters, protecting baby’s skin and the elastic is super-soft to prevent chaffing baby's delicate skin and we have gone to great lengths to find an American-made elastic that with proper laundry care will last and last.

Originally OSFA was an acronym for one-size-fits-all but now it is a generic term for a non-sized pocket nappy. As this latest version has a higher rise, feedback suggests they fit best from 10lbs to 30lbs (4.5kgs to 14kgs).

The nappy pail comes with a lid and is big enough not to have to constantly empty it yet small enough to ensure it does not get too heavy. We recommend that you dry pail your nappies as modern washing machines launder your nappies to such a high standard there is no need to soak. We add a mesh laundry bag to this kit to line the inside of the bucket so when you have taken off a dirty nappy, simply fold over any velcro tabs and pop it in the bag. Then when your bucket is full, just pull the bag out and put it straight into the washing machine. Oh and don't forget - no bleaching agents as they are bad for your nappies and wraps, let alone your babies soft skin. Of course, if you have any questions at all about caring for your nappies you can contact us.

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Washing Instructions

Care for your nappies by following these easy steps.

  1. remove any solids from dirty nappy
  2. Close any velcro tabs
  3. Put them in a dry pail with lid as there is no need to soak them
  4. Wash them with a gentle non-biological washing powder on a full cycle using 1/2 recommended amount of washing powder. Note -DO NOT ADD BLEACHING AGENTS OR FABRIC SOFTENER
  5. Hang out to dry in direct sunshine or near (but not touching ) a direct heat.
Delivery & Returns
Free delivery to the UK and Ireland and subsidised shipping around Europe and the rest of the world. Shipping will be shown before you purchase and any problems at all you can contact us.

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