How To Refer a friend

Refer a Friend via our Pop Up EcoCredits and You Both Save 20%

Follow these easy steps to get going - 

1) Sign up to the LittleLamb Rewards by clicking on the purple pop up on the left corner of your screen - it could look like this 

Refer a friend

or like this. 

littlelamb loyalty system

2) Follow the prompts to sign up, or if you are already a member, sign in!login to ecocredits

3) Scroll to the bottom of the Purple Pop up and you will see your unique code. You can either copy and paste this code or send via the social links in the pop up.  

Refer a friend copy and paste

 When anyone purchases from your link you will receive 200 points. These points can be used for the 20% off Reusable Nappy Reward or any of the other rewards we currently offer. These points will not expire for two years so you can accumulate them until you have something you wish to purchase - no rush!

Please note EcoCredits terms and conditions HERE.

If you need any assistance please get in touch - - we are here to help!