Little Violet's Soothing Baby Cleanser


Product Details

Non-toxic, biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

Make your own all natural baby wipes using our soothing 100% natural flower-water spray. 

Our special blend of true flower waters (hydrolates) are naturally produced during the distillation of essential oils and have established therapeutic qualities. 

A truly natural alternative to chemical wet-wipes as many wipes contain strong synthetic chemicals which can prove irritating to baby's skin. 

Simply spray lightly onto a tissue or a LittleLamb bum wipe to gently clean and refresh naturally.

Great to keep in the fridge for a refreshing spray on hot sticky days. 

Also a great MAKEUP REMOVER for sensitive skin, simply spray onto a washable wipe or tissue to gently and safely remove makeup. 

Ingredients: Pure Floral waters - Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Yarrow, Witch hazel, de-ionised water, Organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E 

200 ml spray

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