Reusable Nappy Week 2021

LittleLamb is excited to announce our Reusable Nappy Week 2021 - 19th April to 25th April.

What is it?
Reusable Nappy Week is a whole week were you can talk non-stop about your cloth nappies! It is a week where the whole reusable nappy industry clubs together to raise awareness and advocate reusable nappies. By working together as a community we can amplify the conversation locally, nationally and politically.

Together we can share our knowledge and access to all the various reusable nappy products - where to learn, buy, hire and pass-on.

Choose to Reuse is the general theme for the week - by choosing to reuse. Just using reusable nappies for one day a week, it will make a big difference to reducing our reliance on single-use plastic, reducing waste, contributing to carbon savings and cost saving. 

Is LittleLamb running a promotion?

Yes! Our popular Give 20, Get 20 referral campaign will run for the duration of Reusable Nappy Week (19th April - 21st April).

Refer a friend during Reusable Nappy Week and you both receive 20% off discount codes that can be used site wide on LittleLamb Nappies - including any already discounted items! Click Here to get started.

Nappy Facts:

Use these facts to help with build awareness in your communities of the benefits from using Reusable Nappies. 

  • Plastic:  One days worth of single-use nappies equates to throwing away 7 plastic bags: 2,555 per year or 6,388 over 2.5 years, per child. 
  • Waste: On average, one baby will have have at least 4,000 nappy changes over 2.5 years. If using single-use nappies, these will be sent predominately to incineration or landfill.
    One family using only reusable nappies will generate 99% less waste, than that by a family using single-use nappies.
  • Carbon Savings: The carbon footprint of nappy usage could be reduced by 40% if reusable nappies are used instead of single-use disposable nappies.
  • Cost:  Families who use reusable nappies can make a financial saving of up to £1,000 over 2.5 years. Further savings can be made if using the same reusable nappies on subsequent children.

All facts are sourced from Reusable Nappy Week. Interested to learn more? LittleLamb is an active member in The Nappy Alliance - A UK lobby group campaigning for standardisation of Reusable Nappy Schemes throughout the uk. 

The Nappy Alliance does not seek a ban on the use of disposable nappies. We fully understand that for many new parents and carers they are a very helpful product and an essential part of managing busy lives. But we believe that local government is right to look at reducing reliance on disposable nappies along with other single-use plastics.

Reusable nappy schemes are being rolled out across the country and are helping to deliver significant cost savings to local councils through reduced landfill tax and disposal costs and help councils meet their environment and waste targets. However, currently provision of reusable schemes is patchy, and the Alliance seeks to promote greater standardisation and facilitate shared learnings across local authorities.

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